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Yogi's Reviews & Ratings analytics platform helps you analyze consumer feedback to create better product experiences and improve brand sentiment.

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Data Accuracy

Yogi aggregates Reviews & Ratings data across 100s of retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target and more.

Fast Onboarding

Getting set up with Yogi is fast, easy, and convenient. End-to-end onboarding is finished in as little as 10 days.

Easy To Use

Our interactive dashboard makes it easy to sift through hundreds of thousands of reviews in seconds.

Actionable Insights

From optimizing marketing copy to iterating on your product, Yogi helps you find insights that make a difference.

The Three Parts Of The Yogi AI Powered Platform


Aggregate Reviews

Yogi aggregates customer product feedback from public and private review sources to a centralized repository.



Yogi pulls data from 100+ sources, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Bazaarvoice.


Organize Reviews

Using cutting-edge AI, Yogi organizes reviews based on sentiment, keywords, topics and more.



Yogi filters are fully customizable, allowing you to filter reviews across any dimension you need.


Analyze Reviews

Easily sift through customer Reviews & Ratings data for granular insights into product and brand improvements.



Yogi is purpose-built to help you answer your toughest questions in minutes instead of days.

100s of Review Sources

Yogi is integrated with the most popular retailers for Reviews & Ratings from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more. And we're constantly adding to our list.

Syndication + Promotions

Yogi automatically detects syndicated and promotional reviews, so you can take these into account in your analysis.

Syndication + Promotions

Yogi automatically detects syndicated and promotional consumer reviews to take into account for product feeback analysis.

Product Variations

Yogi analyzes reviews at the SKU level so you can understand how product attributes and variations affect Consumer Sentiment.

Advanced Visualizations

The Yogi platform gives you the ability to slice-and-dice your data in numerous ways and couples this with unique visualizations.

Advanced Visualizations

The Yogi platform gives you the ability to slice-and-dice Reviews & Ratings data in numerous ways with powerful visualizations and business inisights for product and brand leaders.

We're Here To Help, With A Relentless Focus On Quality & Insights.

Our Ratings & Reviews Analytics Platform is built to help businesses extract valuable consumer insights about their products and brands to elevate customer experiences. Improve conversion rates, retain more customers, and ensure positive brand consistency. We have a dedicated support team to help you be successful.


Yogi comes with complimentary training after onboarding is complete.

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