Smart TVs

Smart TVs Report

In this sample analysis report, Yogi’s product insights software analyzes customer reviews from Smart TVs by Sony, Insignia, Peerless-AV, TCL, Toshiba, LG, Westinghouse, Hisense, Samsung, and Vizio.


Yogi’s AI powered Reviews & Ratings analysis tool utliizes advanced NLP algorithms to evaluate online customer review text across products, brands, and retailers. This sample report breaks down Reviews & Ratings data across a competitive set of Smart TV products and brands, comparing star rating and customer sentiment across multiple attributes of the competitive landscape. This analysis uncovers specific topics of conversation and user experience elements to identify actionable insights for Smart TV brands to improve their user experience and eCommerce strategies.


In this comprehensive report, see an overview of the online customer review analysis process from start to finish. Start with a high-level view of the Smart TV competitive landscape from the dimension of star rating and common conversation topics followed by analysis of the best and worst performing retailers. This report includes samples of Yogi’s in-depth and easy-to-understand data visualizations along with a variety of verbatim reviews to help extract actionable insights for Marketing, eCommerce, and Product teams.