Year of the Shopper Webinar - Watch the recording

Year of the Shopper: How Consumers Are Driving Omnichannel Disruption in 2023

In the evolving omnichannel shopping landscape, Voice-of-Customer and Customer Sentiment and are essential for driving conversions, sales, and ROI. So, how do leading organizations measure and prioritize important metrics to create a customized experience for consumers?


In this webinar, Yogi CEO, Gautam Kanumuru, and Head of Insights Partnerships, Haithem Elembaby, discuss with BWG how Customer Sentiment and VOC impacts eCommerce and omnichannel shopping, how to develop a consumer-centric sales model, and consumer behavior trends in 2022.


What you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of Voice-of-Customer and Customer Sentiment 
  • Effective customer-centric strategies
  • How omnichannel shopping and eCommerce can leverage VOC  
  • How to align customer experiences with customer expectations
  • How to analyze and leverage reviews to gain consumer insights
  • Methods for measuring Customer Sentiment
  • Consumer behavior trends in 2022 and predictions for 2023